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The world of coffee

Indonesia The country is known for its java variety, characterized by low acidity, spicy scent, full body and creamy taste. It also produces the Robusta bean, however, of low quality.

India India is known for its Rrobusta variety, one of the most scented coffees in the world, which is widely used in various blends.

Ethiopia The country, which brought Arabica to the world, produces varieties with exotic flavors, high acidity, rich taste, heavy (full) body and spicy scent. Harrar is considered the best variety, distinguished into Longberry and Shortberry, according to the size of the bean.

Kenya Kenya is known for its production of high quality Arabica. Kenyan AA is considered the best and is usually priced higher than other varieties. It is characterized by its sweet flavor and strong scent.

Ivory Coast This little country, along with other African states, is known for the production of the Robusta variety, which is used in various blends – for economic reasons – and has a rather neutral flavor.

Brazil Brazil is the most significant coffee producer in the world, responsible for 30% of the global share. It primarily produces Arabica, which Santos is regarded as one of the best varieties. Due to its large production of coffee, there are considerable differences in quality, subject to the various regions and the beans used in its cultivation. Brazilian coffee is characterized by its medium body, mild acidity, balanced scent and sweet, lasting flavor.

Colombia It is the second largest coffee producer, behind Brazil. Its main varieties are supreme and excelsior, the latter characterized by a larger bean. The Colombian coffee has a medium body, rich scent and acidity.

Jamaica Jamaica produces one of the “noblest” coffee variety, however, in a very small quantity. “blue mountain” is widely revered – rather expensive – with a light, yet rich taste and scent

Costa Rica This country, is the most important coffee producer in Central America. Costa Rican coffee is distinguished for the toughness of its bean, the highest the altitude, the toughest the coffee bean and its quality. This coffee is known for its rather strong flavor – preferred by many and equally avoided by others, for this very reason.

Guatemala Arabica varieties are usually cultivated in the central and southern parts of the country, which clarify its production, according to the altitude, where it is found. Higher altitudes attribute to the coffee, high acidity, medium body and a pleasant bitterness.

Mexico The Mexican coffee, is qualitatively, one of the finest, competing with the best varieties in the world, in terms of its acidity, body and flavor.

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