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Greec coffee Grinder No25

Greek coffee Grinder No25

Νο 25  5,5 ΗP  1500 r/min 
The basic tool of the standard coffee grinder,  No 25 constitutes the top grinding machine for fine "greek" coffee.
The 25cm diameter emery millstones, which it contains, have an exceptional efficiency in the quality of cutting and a longer service life (3000-5000 kgs in normal conditions before a carving on the cutting surface is needed).
It is equipped with an electric motor of 5,5 horse-power, which guarantees the unobstructed function of the machine without problems, while the low number of revolutions (1500 r/min) ensures an almost noiseless function rendering it ideal for the retail sale in the presence of the customer.
The feeding system includes an oscillation system, which smoothes out the flow of the beans in the inner feeder (bolt).
There is also a magnet that retains the metallic objects which may be contained in the beans, so protecting the cutting surfaces from possible damage.
 Νο 25  6 ΗP  3000 r/min
The same machine is also available in the productive type (photo aboove) with a more powerful motor of 6 horse-power (revolving speed of millstone 3000 r/min) and an efficiency which comes up to 40kgs/h.
The productive model is ideal for the needs of wholesale, feeding of package machines etc.
In the productive type the machine is placed on a special wooden construction (photo 4), with a capacity of 60 kgs. ground coffee, however, in case of larger production and packaging units, there is the possibility of placing the machines in rows on metallic bases.
DIMENSIONS    43-90-75 cm
WEIGHT  112 kg
POWER  5.5 - 6 HP
INPUT POWER  AC 380 V / 50 Hz

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